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$20 (RVAHJ Free)
How to certify copies

Certified True Copies

 30 min

This program has been developed specifically for ‘Authorised Witnesses‘ to take them through the process of authorising documents as certified copies.

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Authorised Witness Course For Nurses

 5 hr

This program has been developed for Nurses who are able to act based on legislation as ‘Authorised Witnesses‘ and takes them through the range of modules and processes to be able to authorise documents such as Certified Copies & Statutory Documents.

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$20 (RVAHJ Free)

Statutory Declarations

 30 min

This program has been developed specifically for ‘Authorised Witnesses‘ to take them through the process of authorising Statutory Declarations documents.

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$10 (RVAHJ Free)

Assessing Capacity

Assessing the principal’s capacity to understand the nature and likely effects of delegating powers and giving future directions is one of the most important things that a authorised witness can do.

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$10 (RVAHJ Free)

AHPRA Document Witnessing


An authorised witness taker may be called to sign AHPRA documents for people looking to register with one of 15 Health Practitioner Boards in Australia to have their qualifications recognised to work in Australia.

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$10 (RVAHJ Free)

Voluntary Assisted Dying


As independent witnesses in the State of Victoria you will from time to time be requested to witness the execution of the forms required by the Victorian VAD legislation.

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COVID-19 Staying Safe for Authorised Witnesses


As Authorised Witnesses you will come in regular contact with a range of people in your community. It is important to always be aware of staying safe by following a framework of best practice for yourself as well as others in providing your services.

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Remote Witnessing

 Total 28min

This remote witnessing training module is provided as an overview of what is necessary to be able to authorise documents in a remote setting for Honorary Justices.

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RVAHJ Training Day Survey Quiz


The Training Day Survey consists of a short quiz to provide your thoughts and feedback on the venue, workshops and content covered over the training day. On completing you will receive a attendance certificate from the training.

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Great courses that are easy to follow and quick to complete, I was able to get up and going in a short time and felt confident in what I was doing.

Kelvin Black

From Bendigo, Australia

Thank you for providing these programs, I was able to get a lot of great information and understanding that I could fit within the time I have available.

Zasha Swan

From Melbourne, Australia

Really like the way I can focus on the programs that I need right now, and can continue to add as I need them. They are so practical and easy to follow.

Frank Jones

From Geelong, Australia

Enjoyed the quizzes as they provided really good insight in how to apply the course material in an easy way to understand and with the practical examples

Jack Brownn

From Wangarratta , Australia

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