The elogbook facility is provided to members so that it makes the process of providing services to community simpler and easier. RVAHJ is providing this service free to members, so if your membership lapses and becomes unfinancial, we will give you 28 days to export your data from the platform. You won’t be able to …

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Data accessibility.

Your records will be kept in the elogbook service indefinitely until: RVAHJ stops providing the service, you delete your own data, or you cease to be a Member of the RVAHJ. If at any time, the service is discontinued or you resign your membership, we will give you an opportunity to export your data. We …

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Security of recording.

A number of security measures are in place to protect your data. Strong passwords changed regularly are ideal. All eLogbook passwords are tested for complexity. Other additional features being looked at are additional checks to force password changes every 90 days and to introduce Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) similar to banks and other financial institutions. This will …

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Electronic versus paper records.

The eLogbook has the advantage of storing data online in a web-based platform. It can be accessed at anytime and anywhere you have internet access. You can also use multiple devices – e.g. your laptop, tablet when it is handy or your smart phone if your other devices are somewhere else. The eLogbook removes the …

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Need for a electronic logbook.

Most people these days routinely carry an electronic device (smart phone or tablet) with them. These devices provide immediate access to personal or work diary’s, emails and important documents no matter where we are. Similarly, the RVAHJ eLogbook is portable and can be accessed on any mobile device. This allows Honorary Justices to record and …

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